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The 5th Revolution of Generative AI - How We Create Advertising Now

Damian Claassens, Creative Director of Surging Panda, and Sorcha Gordon, Aynibrigade, on the freedom to imagine and create almost anything.  How do you feel about AI? ...

American Advertising Awards - Houston Chronicle - AI

The Houston Chronicle is the title sponsor of the American Advertising Awards in Houston, on February 15th.  Learn more about what's in store for a night of Advertisin...

AAF-Houston Champions and Celebrates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

So what does it take to change the landscape and keep DE&I moving in the right direction.  There is no finish line.  It is our responsibility to be a part of that chan...

How About a Cool Glass of Pink Lemonade? Meet AAFH President, Candy Pittman

Candy Pittman didn't arrive yesterday.  She has been part of ad 2 and AAF-Houston for quite some time.  She is also committee chair for Conferences and Conventions for...

How To Win an AAF-Silver Medal Award - Eddie Martiny: Region President iHeart Media/Houston

They say "teamwork makes the dream work", and that's how it works at iHeart Media, Houston.  You can't do that without strong leadership.  Eddie Martiny has done that ...

AAFH Talks with Sean Ferguson on Judging the 2023 American Advertising Awards

This is our final conversation in the series preceding the 2023 American Advertising Awards. It's time to get your tickets to the awards ceremony on February 16th, 20...

AAFH Talks to Gerry Gomez - Judging the 2023 American Advertising Awards

Gerry Gomez says advertising is part of his DNA. He sat down with AAFH to share his experience as a 2023 AAFH-AAA judge.

AAFH Talks to Tiffanie Pitrie on judging The American Advertising Awards

Tiffanie Pitrie loves what she does. She also share her great experience as a judge for the 2023 American Advertising Awards.

AAFH Talks to the American Advertising Awards Judges - John Kreicbergs

A great conversation with one of this years incredible judges for The American Advertising Awards, February 16th, 2023. Meet John Kreicbergs

AAFH Holiday Greeting Card - Professor Larry Kelley and AD2 Houston

How do you motivate young advertising professionals? It begins with a solid start from a legendary ad guy named Larry Kelley who also happens to be a professor of the...

AAFH Holiday Greeting Card - Patty Eldridge and "Audio" Bob Vance

AAFH is all about people and these two folks are charming, engaged, uplifting and always fun to be around. They also get a whole lot done for our club.

AAFH Holiday Greeting Card - Dylan Moore and Candace Pittman

It's the people who drive the energy and growth of AAF-Houston. Meet Dylan Moore and Candace Pittman in our first holiday greeting card this season.

The Art of Photography - Nathan Lindstrom - The Storyteller

Just one photo can tell an entire story about someone or some place. Knowing how to capture that vibe is what Nathan Lindstrom does best.

To Create Great You Need a Great Space - 4 the 1 Studios Spotlight

Amber Butaud and Kelley Leger sat down with Ad Speaks Houston to tell us about the concept behind the 4 the 1 Studios brand. It's a new 2,400 square foot production f...

Houston Student Advertising Competition - Restore The Possibilities

Connect, create, grow the possibilities for a career in advertising. The best part is that this is once again a LIVE event.

Chris Smith - We Are Not Artists, We're Craftspeople

A two-time Jeopardy champ, and was once told by Paula Poundstone that he was funny. The ad guy who believes the greatest motivation on earth, is panic. Meet Chris Sm...

The Piano Player, Painter, and Creative Genius - AAFH Remembers Dick Smith

Our lives are defined not only by what we have done, but what we have done for others. Dick Smith knew how to do that.

Purpose and a Million Dollar Smile - Meet Austin Sandy D10 Programs Chair

The programs chair position in AAF D-10 found the perfect person. Austin Sandy is a glass half full personality with a ton of great ideas for D-10 clubs. Time to get...

AAFD10 Governor Stephanie Price - 365 Days of Incredible

What can you accomplish as a club when you have leadership in place at the district level? Let's find out. Stephanie took a few minutes to chat with us about her yea...

10 Questions With District 10 - Dr. Shane Hunt

Discover the textbook way to engage students. Dr. Shane Hunt, the Dean of the College of Business and a Professor of Marketing at Idaho State University tells us how.

DE&I - Getting it Right

Does your brand represent an authentic approach to DE&I? Listen to this panel discussion to find out.

Come Meet the Chosen - AEFH Scholarship Awards Luncheon, April 8th

The students who will shape the future of our industry will be awarded their hard-earned scholarships on Friday April 8th. Tickets at www.houstonadscholarships.com

ADvent10n 2022 - H-Town Is Inviting You

Experience the advertising industry. Celebrate education, creativity, innovation and community. April 20-23rd.

Virtual Day at the Texas Capitol March 2, 2022 - Register FREE Now

Virtual Day At The Capitol is our chance to impact legislation that governs the advertising industry, directly affecting each of our livelihoods. Texas lawmakers are r...

DE&I Alive and Important - This is What We Do in Houston

The AAF 10th District Mosaic Awards took place on January 13th, 2021. If you missed it, or you'd love to share the message, here it is.

AAF-Houston Holiday Card - 5

Great trade organizations have people that lift them up and generate incredible results. Joni Verdina, an AAFH Board Member and successful agency owner is all about th...

AAF-Houston Holiday Card-4

A Santa Suit, how archology and advertising work together and, we go to the opera. Meet Patrick Lopez-Negrete, Alfred Martinez, and Candace Pittman.

AAF-Houston Holiday Card -3

Without saying "it takes a village", please note that...it takes a village to run any great industry organization. And guess what AAFH, IS a village or amazing people...

AAF-Houston Holiday Card - 2

AAF-Houston doing incredible things as a team of incredible people. Meet Sonny Villarreal, Mike Albrecht and Robyn Wright-Harris, through our AAFH Holiday Card #2

AAF-Houston Holiday Card - 1

It's time to say "thanks" to the people who make AAF-Houston one of the top clubs in the nation. This is the first in a series of holiday cards that will introduce yo...

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