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NSAC - Enter today. Dr. Larry Kelley, Professor - Jack Valenti School of Communication

Real world experience comes with some nice perks, and you'll find them at the end of the NSAC Rainbow. So, are you participating this year?

Intellectual Curiosity and Purpose - How It's Done

The American Advertising Federation Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award is for those who go beyond what's expected and deliver the incredible. Meet the 2020 and 2021 winners.

Curious, Creative, Committed...Meet SuZie Jennings

Houston calls her "Z" and our industry calls her one of the best in the business. Discover more about Suzie Jennings.

Ad2 Houston - The Foundation of our Future

The power to push through a pandemic and keep keep us motivated and inspired about our industry. It's alive and thriving here in Houston with Ad2 Houston. Listen to how it's done.

Diversity, Inclusion and Representation Run Deep with Us

You can talk about diversity and inclusion, or you can make it happen. Meet the American Advertising Federation's Mosaic Champions for 2021. You might already know Alex and Cathy Lopez-Negrete, but have you heard their story?

This is The Year That Was, and it Was Good for AAFH

You could choose to wish 2020 away, or you can take the challenges you faced and keep moving forward with hope. That's what we did at AAF Houston. Here is a look back at 2020.

Sports Marketing in a COVID19 World

Our lives and our world have been turned upside down with COVID19 at the top of our priorities list. So how has professional sports been doing and what have they been doing to maintain and move ahead?

What Does Good Data Look Like; And How Are You Using It?

It's a conversation with EffecTV's Warren Fiihr and Love Advertising's Brenda Love. Beyond the challenges of COVID19, we talk about the generational impact of advertising in 2020.

Why It's Easy to Market to Your Clients, but not Yourself

It's called analysis paralysis, and most every agency suffers from RFP. Go ahead, admit it

Be the Change; The AAFH 2020 Virtual Advertising Competition and Student Conference

AAFH has done an incredible job of transitioning to virtual events, and November 5th through the 7th, we'll do it again with the AAFH advertising competition and student conference. Every year this event gets bigger and better and if you're not participating, you're missing out.

SRV: The Power of Pictures

Tracy Anne Hart takes pictures for AAF-Houston events, people like Paul W, Hobby and Shake Russell. But she also spent a ton of time behind the lens with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tracy talks about her new book; Seeing Stevie Ray.

How Data Builds Brands- 6 Key Strategies for Maximizing Reach

Marketers have more ways than ever to reach their audience, and more insights from data with which to do it. Ad Speaks Houston talks with Effectv on the topic of how data builds brands.

Keeping Creatives Creative

Nikki Arnell is a designer, explorer, and one of those people who is always asking questions and heading off somewhere in search of answers. Nikki is also an associate professor at the art department at Arkansas State University. This time around, we were asking the questions, and you'll love to hear what she has to say.

Thank you John, welcome Kay!

COVID19 did not stop AAFH from growing one of the best ad clubs in the country. John Manlove recently passed the gavel to our new Chairman, Kay Krenek, and we are ready to rock another year. If you were thinking of becoming a member, right now is prime time to do so.

Telling Unskippable Stories with YouTube

We have our next AAF Houston free webinar July 15th at 1 PM. Erin Green with Reach Local will share how advertisers can tap the power of YouTube to tell their story. Go to AAF-Houston.net to register. Get a preview, right now.

The Conversation

From the eyes and hearts of 4 folks in the ad business, this is a conversation about inequality and division in our world, and how we might create change in our industry and our communities. Serious stuff, but now is the time to talk about it.

Larry Kelley Talks About NASC and The University of Houston Victory

COVID19 changed the rules and the way the game was played, but Professor Larry Kelley took his team on to win a competition that became a virtual victory. Larry talks about the NSAC Competition and more from his more than 3 decades in advertising. This is the way you win.

Outdoor Advertising and the COVID-19 Battle

#Outdooradvertising has always had the power of telling your story in a big way. And in Houston, outdoor is a top choice for folks who have the need for speed on their commute. The magic 7 seconds with eyeballs connecting to products and services. Lee Vela, VP of Public Affairs with Clear Channel Outdoor shares some great advice.

COVID-19, So Who's Running the Advertising Agency?

Brivic Media has been there done that a few times. What we mean by that is they've been through everything from hurricanes to bad economy times. Allen Brivic and Kelley Robinson are really good at adapting how the ad business works in the best and worst of times. And they do it with confidence and a hopeful smile. This is #3 in our series on how the #advertising industry is dealing with COVID19.

Digital Marketing and New Ways to Battle COVID-19

You might have heard us say that "COVID19 cannot stop a conversation". Well it's true, especially for #digitalmarketing. Especially true if you want to maintain that connection with your client base. Brian Bearden of Upstream Marketing talks digital technology in part-2 of our series on advertising in a COVID19 world.

COVID19 and the #Printing Industry

Welcome to Part-1 of our COVID19 series on the #Advertising industry. We take a look at the disruption in the #printing/mailing/supplier segment. Kent Simons of CORE Details shares his thoughts on how he is working through the disruption and what the future looks like

Navigating COVID-19 with Bunker +58's Valentina Gomez-Bravo

As business owners we find ourselves in a time of confusion. Beyond the obvious for most businesses, lack of incoming business, how do we speak to our clients and customers. The answer is simple. Let the conversation continue, and maintain an attitude of transparency while sending a beneficial and hopeful message. Listen in and see if any of these ideas might be helpful.

COVID-19 and The Advertising Industry from AAF-Houston

COVID-19 isn't just impacting the grocery store shelves or your favorite restaurant. It has impacted the advertising industry in a big way. The American Advertising Federation Houston has adapted and adjusted the schedule of events and programs. Get the district-wide perspective through conversations with the Ad Clubs in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and here in Houston.

Diversity and Inclusion, Alive in Houston

This April we honor those in our industry who have walked the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion in advertising and marketing. The event is called the Mosaic Awards, and one of those recipients is Audrey Gilbreath. Audrey and her agency represent Houston in such a cool way. You're going to love this interview and her amazing story, as she is all over doing this the right way. Congrats Audrey.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Advertising Industry-Alive in Houston

The AAF 10th District Mosaic Awards has announced the winners of this year's event. Houston is proudly represented by 3 amazing recipients. Gilbreath Communications, Lopez Negrete and Bunker 58. Last week we took a few minutes to sit down and chat with Alex Lopez-Negrete and Valentina Gomez Bravo. This week we will also be talking with Audrey Gilbreath, President and CEO of Gilbreath Communications on her Mosaic win. It's all about what is beyond the message that defines a Mosaic Champion.

The ADDY's. It's Time!

And before you know it, it'll be February 20th and time to showcase the best of the best in Houston creative at the American Advertising Awards. After the judging was done, we took the time to sit down with 3 of our judges team to talk about everything from content creation, logic and emotion behind the creative, global trends and multicultural advertising. Judy, Tony and Javier gave us a great interview, enjoy.

And The ADDY Award Goes To.....

For the American Advertising Federation Houston, this year has really taken off with an incredible lunch event with our friends at the Houston Automobile Association presenting the new metrics of car buying. It's now a process just as complicated as the engine under the hood. And before you know it, here comes the 2020 American Advertising Awards, set for February 20th. We sat down with Joni Verdina and Dwight Douthit to talk about the judging process and cool sponsorship opportunities.

Talking Automotive with HADA's EVP RoShelle Salinas

Radio is strength for automotive advertising and the driver behind the Houston automotive market is the Houston Automobile Dealers Association lead by RoShelle Salinas, their Executive Vice President. We had the chance to sit down and talk about some of the new digital trends that most effectively reach and create response from a new generation of car buyers. Plus, HADA is our featured speaker at the AAFH luncheon coming up Wednesday January 15th at the Junior League. Get your tickets for that event now.

Education, Engagement, Opportunity AAFH Welcomes 2020

This past year has been a game changer for AAFH. We've built upon the momentum under the past leadership of Joe Cesaratto, and the current board, headed by Chairman John Manlove, has wasted no time bringing a great energy to this year and into the new decade. Listen and learn about Student Conference, The ADDY awards, engaging programs, and incredible membership and sponsorship opportunities

Bigger, Better Membership Benefits for AAF Houston!

The toughest part of running a great ad club is finding ways to bring a bigger value to its members. And to attract new members. So, we've got a great membership committee that has put together some very attractive membership levels for companies big and small. From an all inclusive perspective (including lunch) to added value through our social media. Joe lays out what's to come, so you can join the fun at AAF Houston.

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