A New Chapter at AAF-Houston

Who do you call to re-energize a great ad club. We called on Joe Cesaratto and his team and guess what happened? We got the job done. This past year has been a journey of success, some changes, some great new ideas, and we saw what happened when this team stood up to the challenge. With every change in leadership comes a specific perspective of that leader, and Joe Cesaratto gave us a year to remember. We sat down with Joe, and the incoming AAFH Chairman, John Manlove, to look back and look ahead.

A club - any club - is defined by its leadership.  Just as Joe was passing the gavel to our new AAF-Houston Chairman, John Manlove, we got together with the guys to get their perspective of the year.  We also had a chance to get to know John a little better.  John was the program chair for our very successful Trailblazer Awards program.  John brings years of leadership to the club, not only as a successful advertising agency owner, but as a former mayor.  So John has the "right stuff" to carry on what Joe has achieved, and so much more.  This club is unique.  We've been carrying the message for 100 years, and looking to this coming year, we are once again in good hands.  Thanks to Joe for this past year, and welcome John to what is going to be even better.  

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