AAF-Houston Holiday Card -3

Without saying "it takes a village", please note that...it takes a village to run any great industry organization. And guess what AAFH, IS a village or amazing people. This time around, meet Patty Eldridge, our Executive Director, Guido Falconi, President of AD2 Houston, and Kay Krenek, past Chair of AAFH.
We have such a great team of people who know how to get things done, in a very big way.  Big enough, that Houston is well known in AAF D10 and AAF National as the club to watch and learn from.  We have a big job to do as we move into 2022 and our team is ready to rock the year.  Our team is the best of the best.  You'll enjoy hearing WHY AAF is their focus.
(c) 2019 American Advertising Federation - Houston Chapter