Bigger, Better Membership Benefits for AAF Houston!

The toughest part of running a great ad club is finding ways to bring a bigger value to its members. And to attract new members. So, we've got a great membership committee that has put together some very attractive membership levels for companies big and small. From an all inclusive perspective (including lunch) to added value through our social media. Joe lays out what's to come, so you can join the fun at AAF Houston.

People love AAFH.  They also love the incredible things we do.  This new approach to membership was designed for the small shops to the big agencies, and because it's an all-inclusive approach, it makes more sense as a budget decision.  Joe Biondi is one of our newest board members and his team has put together this new membership initiative.  Watch the website for additional details, or you can reach out to any AAFH Board Member for more information.  It's time to join!

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