COVID-19, So Who's Running the Advertising Agency?

Brivic Media has been there done that a few times. What we mean by that is they've been through everything from hurricanes to bad economy times. Allen Brivic and Kelley Robinson are really good at adapting how the ad business works in the best and worst of times. And they do it with confidence and a hopeful smile. This is #3 in our series on how the #advertising industry is dealing with COVID19.

Allen said he dropped by the agency last week and picked up a roll of paper towels but left the toilet paper, just in case somebody needed it.  At Brivic Media their philosophy is simple, "take care of the basics and pay attention to detail".  Sure, COVID19 has turned the #advertising world upside down, but when you know how to respond and have the people and resources to make it happen, this becomes a new day to overcome the bad stuff and figure out the details.  Change will always happen.  Learn how Brivic Media has adapted.

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