Data Driven Advertising - AAFH Member Spotlight: T2O the Digital Media Agency

From Avatars to Chatbots, the current trends in digital media are what T2O does best. Meet Alex Ramirez, CEO of T2O and hear an engaging conversation about all things digital, including their advanced TV rationale. T2O has a global focus on data-driven marketing. You'll enjoy the conversation and you might even learn a few things.

Advertising has moved well beyond the traditional channels.  Question is, how smart is the agency handling your business?  T2O takes marketing to the next level and they do it on a global scale.  Their mantra is called POET: paid, owned, earned and technology, which translates into a team of professionals that understand the "new" way  to move the needle.  Alex Ramirez, the CEO of T2O brings the power of a global company to Houston with Omni Channel Marketing expertise.  They call their marketing funnel, Bow-tie Marketing.  Find out what's new by listening now.

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