Diversity and Inclusion, Alive in Houston

This April we honor those in our industry who have walked the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion in advertising and marketing. The event is called the Mosaic Awards, and one of those recipients is Audrey Gilbreath. Audrey and her agency represent Houston in such a cool way. You're going to love this interview and her amazing story, as she is all over doing this the right way. Congrats Audrey.

Diversity and inclusion have been a recent hot topic in the advertising industry, but since 1990, Gilbreath Communications has practiced this valuable exercise as it relates to the agency and its clients.  On their website is the best description of how this happens.  It's a quote from Maya Angelou and it says "we should all know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all threads are equal in value, no matter what the color".  You need to hear what she does.  Audrey is not new to winning awards and industry accolades, but this award is like lighting the candles on the cake.

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