Diversity and Inclusion in the Advertising Industry-Alive in Houston

The AAF 10th District Mosaic Awards has announced the winners of this year's event. Houston is proudly represented by 3 amazing recipients. Gilbreath Communications, Lopez Negrete and Bunker 58. Last week we took a few minutes to sit down and chat with Alex Lopez-Negrete and Valentina Gomez Bravo. This week we will also be talking with Audrey Gilbreath, President and CEO of Gilbreath Communications on her Mosaic win. It's all about what is beyond the message that defines a Mosaic Champion.

Sure, there is the advertising connection, but what paves the foundation for a Mosaic award winner goes much deeper than the message.  All of the award winners share the same passion for a greater understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion from the eyes and ears they reach through advertising and marketing, to the culture within each agency.  These are great stories of why it's so important to address and promote this aspect of our industry.  Enjoy the conversations and if you can, be a part of the awards celebration coming up on April 17th at AdVention in Oklahoma City.  Find out more at www.aaf10.org.  

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