"Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Work Like Hell and Advertise" - Jim McIngvale Speaks

You might know part of the story, but do you know the whole story behind the guy who "saves you money"? Gallery Furniture has grown from humble location on I-45 North at TIdwell, to a major brand in Houston and around the world. Mac's speech at the AEFH Scholarship Awards Luncheon got the attention of the scholarship winners and the entire room of advertising executives. You're going to want to share this Podcast with as many folks as you can.

He came to speak to the winners at the AEFH Scholarship Awards Luncheon, held annually as part of the American Advertising Federation Houston's educational outreach efforts.  Jim McIngvale gave the room a whole bunch more about life in general, and how a focused attitude can beat the ups and downs the world deals out.  He taught us how to "shine a light" on the issues, whatever they may be, to "get over" the bad days and get back up to make tomorrow a success.  You might have heard this story before, but even so, it's worth a second listen.  This is one of those speeches that would be a great family sit-down.  Tell the kids to put down their devices and open their ears.  Mac's message has no generational barriers, only great advice.

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