For Joe Biondi of Houston Public Media, Broadcasting is in the Blood

To be great in our industry, you need to explore all aspects of it, from on-air, to sales, production, and you need to spend some time in the corner office, running the show. Joe Biondi has done this and a whole lot more. Joe is one of the newest board members of AAF Houston. He is also crafting sponsorship opportunities for Houston Public Media. When it comes to advertising, NPR and Houston Public Media takes a different approach. You'll enjoy hearing Joe's story.

Do you have to love what you do to be really great at it?  We think so.  When you hear Joe's story you'll catch what we're saying.  With a family bloodline that dates back to the golden days of Top 40 Radio, Joe was born to do this kind of stuff.  And he's done it all, from on-air to sales, marketing and management.  Joe has a passion for radio,and as an account executive for the NPR station in Houston, Joe is the perfect fit to grow their advertiser base.  HPM has embraced some exciting new venues to get their message out to an adoring fan base.  Joe takes us behind the scenes with some history and the vision HPM has for the future.

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