Future Ad Stars Get Their Big Break with Ad2 Houston

New faces take the leadership roles at Ad2 Houston, a talented collective of passionate young communication professionals, from creatives to content strategists, marketers to media buyers. Find out whats new as we chat with Rose Garza, the new President, along with V.P. Guido Falconi, and Zach Reed. This is and has always been a fun group that finds joy in bettering each other through networking, professional development and giving back to the Houston community.

What makes Ad2 Houston the desired destination for young communications professionals?  Could be the cool stuff that goes along with membership.  Whether you're a college student trying to figure it out, a young professional learning the advertising ropes, or a trailblazer climbing your way to the top, you'll find folks like you and a positive energy that will step up your game.  Ad2 Houston is a a bunch of great people that finds joy bettering themselves and those in the Metro Houston area through networking, professional development and giving back to the community.  Plus, your membership also gives you access to and membership in AAF-Houston.  To see if Ad2 Houston is a good fit for you, go to www.ad2houston.org.  2019 just might be the year you get to do what you've always wanted to do.  The story starts with listening to this Podcast.

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