Hey B2B, how's your Content Marketing?

So you're thinking your content is pretty good, huh? Well, if it's not over the top great, that's nails your core competency, that reaches the right ears, that speaks the right language, and invites action, well...how's that working for you? Ray and Bruce take you step by step through the process of doing it right.

This is not your Mother's "Old School" marketing.  This is "Content Marketing" and as you play with the big boys, there are some things you should know before you get started.  Here's a wake-up call.  Nobody cares about your product, they only care about their problems and how your product or service can solve those problems.  Do you know how to dig deep and really define your solutions?  Do you understand the process of building the message, or messages that will speak directly and connect with your best prospects?  Content marketing fuels the three most important elements you've got.  Those include "search", "social", and "Outbound".  If you get any of these wrong, your competition gets your business.  Listen and learn how you can change that.

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