Jackie Dryden Discusses The Seven Stages of Brand Advocacy-How To Define Your Brand, Tell Your Story, and Build Raving Fans

Jackie Dryden is the Chief Purpose Architect for Savage Brands, a long-time AAF-Houston Member, past president of the ad club, and was inducted into the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. We sat down with Jackie to talk about that, and her formula for the seven stages of brand advocacy. Take a listen and learn how you can get some of that good stuff for your brand.

We love the opportunity to showcase our AAF-Houston members, and this interview with Jackie Dryden is a lesson in getting your brand out there, so its understood, believed and your brand advocates are telling everyone.  It's really not that hard if you follow her seven steps.  There won't be a test at the end, but there just might be a benefit for you.  Jackie is also co-author of the book "Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line, and Build Your Brand on Purpose".  That's her word "purpose", and you will find out why that word drives her agency and her clients success stories.  So, with "purpose" get ready to be great.

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