Multicultural Marketing, a How To Guide on Making a Difference

Bunker 58 set up shop in Houston and launched a powerful marketing and advertising firm to help small and mid-size businesses envision, create, and build their brand through top digital marketing and design tools. Valentina Gomez Bravo talked with us about the challenges and benefits of landing in the most culturally diverse city in the nation. Valentina is also one of the newest members on the board of AAF-Houston.

There's a different approach to marketing and advertising when you add the title of former college professor.  It becomes much richer when you add fluency in both English and Spanish.  Valentina says brands have a personality, much like a person, and every brand is unique.  Therefore, every brand message becomes unique.  Bunker 58 takes today's technology and applies it to a wide variety of marketing mediums.  Bottom line, Bunker 58 is here to make a difference in Houston and the world.  

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