Outdoor Advertising and the COVID-19 Battle

#Outdooradvertising has always had the power of telling your story in a big way. And in Houston, outdoor is a top choice for folks who have the need for speed on their commute. The magic 7 seconds with eyeballs connecting to products and services. Lee Vela, VP of Public Affairs with Clear Channel Outdoor shares some great advice.

When you think about advertising, outdoor continues to maintain a unique way to engage business, and this business goes back to the stone age.  Fast forward to #digitalboards and #programaticboards, and you find that this stone age concept has really kept pace with today's diverse #advertising platforms.  This is program number 4 in our series on COVID19 and the #advertising industry.  Even with fewer cars on the road, and fewer eyes on the #billboards, outdoor is still a popular choice for advertisers.

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