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Bigger, Better Membership Benefits for AAF Houston!

The toughest part of running a great ad club is finding ways to bring a bigger value to its members. And to attract new members. So, we've got a great membership committee that has put together some very attractive membership levels for companies big and small. From an all inclusive perspective (including lunch) to added value through our social media. Joe lays out what's to come, so you can join the fun at AAF Houston.

A Campaign Should Take You Somewhere New, Someplace You Haven't Been Befor

Put John Manlove in charge of a project or an industry organization and watch the magic happen. John brings decades of advertising and marketing expertise as the recently appointed Chairman of AAF-Houston. John has many stories to tell in a rich history of our market and our hometown ad club. We have really been on a great journey over the past year and are very excited to watch what will happen in 2020. From the ADDY Awards and events targeted at club growth, the best is yet to come. Learn more about John and his vision for AAFH.

Behind the scenes at AAF Houston: The People that make it Run

We had the chance to sit down with a trio of guys that are a part of the team that keeps the wheels on the tracks for the American Ad Federation Houston. There's a lot of talent in our group. John Del Tatto of Mind Dance Marketing, Dwight Douthit of Douthit Designs and the extraordinary talent that grew up in Ad2 Houston, Guido Falconi. AAFH is successful because of the people that make it work. Listen to their stories and how they do it.

For Joe Biondi of Houston Public Media, Broadcasting is in the Blood

To be great in our industry, you need to explore all aspects of it, from on-air, to sales, production, and you need to spend some time in the corner office, running the show. Joe Biondi has done this and a whole lot more. Joe is one of the newest board members of AAF Houston. He is also crafting sponsorship opportunities for Houston Public Media. When it comes to advertising, NPR and Houston Public Media takes a different approach. You'll enjoy hearing Joe's story.

Multicultural Marketing, a How To Guide on Making a Difference

Bunker 58 set up shop in Houston and launched a powerful marketing and advertising firm to help small and mid-size businesses envision, create, and build their brand through top digital marketing and design tools. Valentina Gomez Bravo talked with us about the challenges and benefits of landing in the most culturally diverse city in the nation. Valentina is also one of the newest members on the board of AAF-Houston.

A New Chapter at AAF-Houston

Who do you call to re-energize a great ad club. We called on Joe Cesaratto and his team and guess what happened? We got the job done. This past year has been a journey of success, some changes, some great new ideas, and we saw what happened when this team stood up to the challenge. With every change in leadership comes a specific perspective of that leader, and Joe Cesaratto gave us a year to remember. We sat down with Joe, and the incoming AAFH Chairman, John Manlove, to look back and look ahead.

Hey B2B, how's your Content Marketing?

So you're thinking your content is pretty good, huh? Well, if it's not over the top great, that's nails your core competency, that reaches the right ears, that speaks the right language, and invites action, well...how's that working for you? Ray and Bruce take you step by step through the process of doing it right.

Jackie Dryden Discusses The Seven Stages of Brand Advocacy-How To Define Your Brand, Tell Your Story, and Build Raving Fans

Jackie Dryden is the Chief Purpose Architect for Savage Brands, a long-time AAF-Houston Member, past president of the ad club, and was inducted into the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. We sat down with Jackie to talk about that, and her formula for the seven stages of brand advocacy. Take a listen and learn how you can get some of that good stuff for your brand.

"Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Work Like Hell and Advertise" - Jim McIngvale Speaks

You might know part of the story, but do you know the whole story behind the guy who "saves you money"? Gallery Furniture has grown from humble location on I-45 North at TIdwell, to a major brand in Houston and around the world. Mac's speech at the AEFH Scholarship Awards Luncheon got the attention of the scholarship winners and the entire room of advertising executives. You're going to want to share this Podcast with as many folks as you can.

Karbach Beer, World Cup Soccer and Other Things Advertising

For 2019, AAF-Houston hasn't missed a beat on the things that make an organization attractive and on the grow. AAFH Beer's with Peers is set for May 1st at Houston's Karbach Brewing Company. And with a World Cup Soccer bid up for grabs, AAFH brings the folks that can make it happen to our AAFH Luncheon, May 15th.

Data Driven Advertising - AAFH Member Spotlight: T2O the Digital Media Agency

From Avatars to Chatbots, the current trends in digital media are what T2O does best. Meet Alex Ramirez, CEO of T2O and hear an engaging conversation about all things digital, including their advanced TV rationale. T2O has a global focus on data-driven marketing. You'll enjoy the conversation and you might even learn a few things.

Paul W. Hobby, a Texas Trailblazer

The American Ad Federation honors Paul W. Hobby, a trailblazer, the man who brought home the national magazine of Texas. Ray Schilens sat down with Paul prior to the award presentation to see how a guy with the Hobby Family's rich legacy of philanthropy, and public service, fits into the business of doing business here in Texas.

AAFH Honors Paul W. Hobby with the 2019 Trailblazer Award

The man who brought home the national magazine of Texas is this years Trailblazer Award recipient. In Texas, and especially the Houston area, his name is synonymous with commerce and culture, media and public service and have been a part of the family's legacy for over a century. AAHF honors him Wednesday March 20th.

How do I become a member of one of the top ad clubs in the country?

The American Ad Federation Houston Chapter is over 100 years old. So how does this great club continue to build on its past success? Dwight Douthit, AAFH Membership Chair tells us how its done with new events that attract a diverse new member base.

Future Ad Stars Get Their Big Break with Ad2 Houston

New faces take the leadership roles at Ad2 Houston, a talented collective of passionate young communication professionals, from creatives to content strategists, marketers to media buyers. Find out whats new as we chat with Rose Garza, the new President, along with V.P. Guido Falconi, and Zach Reed. This is and has always been a fun group that finds joy in bettering each other through networking, professional development and giving back to the Houston community.

Teamwork Makes The DREAM Work

Bad things do happen to good people. But beautiful things happen when people pull together. And teamwork is what makes our DREAM work. Dedicating Resources to Employees of Advertising and Media (DREAM) Fund is a nonprofit foundation and the support link to the community of advertising, public relations and media professionals across the Southwest. They exist to aid colleagues – in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana – through financial assistance and emotional support during times of personal crisis. Ray Schilens sits down with Executive Director Teresa Novak and Rob Logan VP of Houston operations.

Drag Queens, Big Shiny Gold ADDY Awards, and the Best of Houston

AAF Houston Chairman Joe Ceseratto gives us a post ADDY wrap up and a taste of what's to come in 2019.

Ad2 Houston's Corporate Cupid and the Next Big Opportunity

Students, recent grads and young professionals looking for their first job or next big opportunity, go face to face with hiring representatives, in a speed dating style interview. Ray Schilens talks to Ad2 President Garrett Ruffanar with how to make the most of this unique evening event.

Get the final update on the 57th ADDY Awards with Alvin Wright.

The ADDY's are here. Get the final scoop from AAF Housrton's ADDY chair, Alvin Wright.

Interview with Anne Mrok-Smith About AAF-Houston's Past, Present, and Future

Former AAFH Chair Anne Mrok-Smith talks about being part of a club that is rich in creative history. From her start, in the late 70's, Anne takes us through the changes and the vision that set this club up as one of the top in the country.

ADvention: Rolling on the River with The American Ad Federation 10th District

Kevin Dobbs, Executive Director of AAF 10th District talks about D10 ADvention, and the theme this year is Rolling on the River. ADvention a multi-state advertising, design and marketing conference that answers the question, how do you keep "rolling" in the right direction, while staying on top of current trends in advertising and marketing.

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